Last Days of High School…

It’s been great getting to write blog post for the past two years (okay, most of the time:D). But in all sincerity, I really enjoyed relaying my thoughts out to anyone who happened to stumble upon this blog and I would definitely recommend creating a blog to everyone. It’s a great experience.

Sad to say, I’m not sure if I will be able to continue this blog in college. So for my (hopefully not) final blog post, I want to share what I have learned from my four years in high school:

Have hope in the world

Inspiration can be found anywhere

Go the extra mile

Have fun

Stay strong

Chat with others face to face

Have big dreams

Open your mind

Optimism is key

Love others/the world


I hope you all have a wonderful summer:)


To The Great(est) Class of 2016…

Welcome everyone (at least to those who will read this)! I have the great honor of speaking/writing to each and every one of you who I sincerely appreciate have taken the time to visit.

First, to all of you who have yet/are still experiencing high school, I would like to tell you that the next years will be some of the most inspirational yet heart-wrenching times of your life. You will be pushed to your limits both mentally and physically as you try to find a balance in your life between homework and … homework. You will be crushed when you realize that your priorities were backwards and the world is not what it once seemed to be. You will agonize over trying to find who your are, your own unique “self” that you can declare as your own.

However, the next years will also be the best years of your life. You will meet insightful individuals who will spark curiosity and passion into your heart, you will get to explore the mysterious realm of the teenager that dwells between childhood and adulthood, but most importantly, you will learn to be stronger as you learn from your community, family, and friends. Always be hopeful and strive on!

To those of us who have finally survived these last (very, very, extremely long) four years, congratulations! We have conquered the barriers and are stepping into a new, awaiting world.

Throughout the past four years, I have learned one important lesson: Don’t ever be overwhelmed by what the world throws at you. The real society can be frightening and ominous, extinguishing our excitement, destroying our dreams, and making us doubt ourselves. We may be forced into places related to our beliefs, appearance, or naive aspirations where we don’t want to be. However, we should strive to find unwavering faith in the hope that we foundation our lives upon. Always persevere and find what you truly love that you can use to give to others while also being open-minded and willing to hear/understand the opinions of others.

Again, congratulations class of 2016! I wish you great luck in your bright futures!

Watch out world! The Class of 2016 is heading your way:D