There’s a word/phrase in Korean that I think the English language should have. And, as the title suggest, it’s a word/phrase (sorry, I’m not quite sure what to call it…) that is a feeling that combines fuzziness+warmth+refreshing. 개운하다 (pronunciation: “gae-oon-hada”) is a phrase that is quite common in Korea, but I have never quite heard a word like it in English.

To put it into perspective, this phrase means the feeling you get when you drink a nice hot bowl of soup or drink (hot chocolate, coffee, etc.). You can feel the warmth spread throughout your body and it leaves you feeling refreshed in a way. It may not seem like such an important word, but I guess culturally it has a deeper meaning. This phrase can also be used as an expression when, for example, you have been under a lot of pressure but are fully relieved from the stress.

Hopefully there is not already a word for this (that would be really awkward), but I would propose the word “warmthful.” It may seem weird now, but maybe I could start a new trend:0


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