Vincent van Gogh’s “A Pair of Shoes”

Van Gogh a pair of shoes

Vincent van Gogh’s “A Pair of Shoes”

The story behind this painting centers around a young, penurious boy. The boy, young and innocent, has yet to truly grasp the situation surrounding his family. However, he is a cheerful boy because he still has big dreams for his future. The shoes above are hand-me-downs from his older brothers. Being the youngest, the boy is given the shoes, which were once shiny and black, that are now full of holes, with crooked laces, and white-gray stained leather. Yet these shoes have their own history. The have been their for each of the boys in this family. Even though they are old and battered, the boy lets his disappointment only last a minute and places them on his feet in a positive manner, imagining the shoes he may be able to buy in the future.

The boy will continue to wear these shoes until he grows out of them and is given another larger pair of hand-me-downs. With strong belief though, the boy strives harder by remembering that the shoes themselves are not the most important, but that the person they cover is.


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