The Man with the Suitcase

Du-dum du-dum du-dum.

I could feel the vibrations of the train rattling along the old train tracks as I slowly swayed back and forth. My back rested on the hard wooden seats of the train as I fixed my gaze far out onto the horizon, the green grass moving in waves like the ocean and the flowers bowing beneath the hot sun.

As I turned my head back towards the front of the train, I observed all the passengers. My seat was near the end of the train to my dismay. It was the only vacant seat left. There were all kinds of different people, screaming babies, young couples in their spring outfits, elderly who were dozing off with newspapers in their hands. Just the normal kind of train crowd.

However, one couple did catch my attention. They had passed me earlier on in the trip. A young man awkwardly carried a large box and his wife, a mysterious young girl, wore a bizarre hat that I can still remember in great detail: light green, with a conspicuous purple feather and blue polka dots. They had reserved the whole last car for themselves.

Curious I had taken a look back and saw the two having a very animated discussion, the man clutching the box to his chest while the woman waved her arms here and there, pointing to abstract places on what seemed to be a map. “Gold,” “now,” “important” we’re just some of the snippets of the conversation that I could overhear. Unimpressed, I stretched out my legs and began to doze off.


“We will now be arriving at Station 2. We will now be arriving at Station 2.”

The train slowly came to a stop. I could still hear the tensions in their conversation as I picked up my hat, placed it elegantly on my head, and walked down the isle with my own heavy suitcase. I nodded slightly to one of the workers as I carefully walked down the steps to the station. The station was bustling with action as I easily blended in with the crowd. Traveling down the line, I looked into the window of the last car as the train started to leave the station. As the train picked up speed, I had just enough time to see the mysterious couple flabbergasted as they held up the empty chest, rocks piled up on the floor.

I chuckled.

Little did they know what I had done.


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