Is it a …?

No. 1 - Jackson Pollock

Number 1A by Jackson Pollock, 1948

What do you think itself? Don’t worry, I don’t have a clue either…

I do see a number of simple colors: red, blue, yellow, white, and black. This definitely seems to be a splatter painting. Though the yellow background is bright the black paints creates a mysteriously ominous aura to the painting. To be honest, my first reaction was: Woah… (eyes opening wider and eye brows raised more out of confusion and surprise than sudden awe). Why do I suppose this painting is as famous as it is… Well, by just looking at the painting with no prior background it does not seem particularly astounding. It’s just one of those paintings that we, as less acclaimed viewers, think we could do ourselves. I really have no idea whatsoever…

Okay, now I really have nothing else worthy to say and am dying to know the meaning behind this painting! Let’s go find out:)

“Number 1 by Jackson Pollock (1948)” by Nancy Sullivan

No name but a number.
Trickles and valleys of paint
Devise this maze
Into a game of Monopoly
Without any bank. Into
A linoleum on the floor
In a dream. Into
Murals inside of the mind.
No similes here. Nothing
But paint. Such purity
Taxes the poem that speaks
Still of something in a place
Or at a time.
How to realize his question
Let alone his answer?

I’m still confused… but it is quite intriguing to see Sullivan’s reaction to this abstract painting. She definitely has an imagination that allows her to compare the splotches of paint as “trickles and valleys of paint,” a maze, a Monopoly game, and a linoleum. Though it does seem apparent that Sullivan herself does not know the true meaning of this piece of art, Sullivan underscores the meaning behind how we view the painting. Furthermore, she relays how it is not important (to say the least it is probably impossible) to find the artist’s true intent but to enjoy it as our own by finding something meaningful in our lives or ourselves with which to find a connection.

Very clever Mr. L 🙂

Is this just another encouraging “poem analyzing” analogy for us?


3 thoughts on “Is it a …?

  1. Lol XD

    You know, every time I look at this painting I see something new, and maybe that’s what I should have mentioned when I tried to talk about this, but oh well….

    I love how your post seems just like dialogue illustrating your thoughts rather than a flat description of what you think the painting is and what you think the poem means. It’s really like you are talking face-to-face with your readers, and that brings about a closeness that makes them feel like they’ve known you all their lives (or, at least, that they are your friends and not just your audience). In this way, people like me feel like you truly enjoy sharing your thoughts with others and having them read.

    Your interpretation of the poem is also wonderful, I really like the perspective you took on it (definitely more positive than mine was), and I really enjoyed reading it.


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