Goodbye, English III AP!

Wow… junior year has already gone by:0 It’s been one heck of a year:)

Reflecting on this past year:

I’ve really enjoyed our class this year and the one thing that I will definitely take away from this year is the importance of effective communication. Through the various discussions, analysis of amazing literary works (Grapes of Wrath, Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Invisible Man…), the many essays, and endless timed writings, I learned how difficult yet rewarding it is to be able to express your own thoughts and feelings. I’ve never really been an eloquent speaker or writer, but I’ve gained the passion to find ways in which to expand my abilities.

Well, thanks everyone! I wish you guys the best of luck for next year (SENIORS!!!!!)! You’ve been wonderful classmates and I hope that we can stay in touch.:0

And to Mr. W, thanks. For everything. 😀


Transcendentalism in the 21st Century

What is transcendentalism?

Simply put, nature. Nature, nature, and nature.

[In my understanding] Well, okay its more than just nature (although nature does play a significant role). Transcendentalism encompasses the mutually and necessary dependence on nature that humans should strive to obtain and comprehend. Humans are not just independent creatures but are intertwined with the environment. Some of the most prominent names in the transcendental community would be Thoreau, Emerson, and Whitman. Opposing organized religion, it is however evident that transcendentalists do believe in God. The major contrasts though would be how transcendentalists view human beings. They often believe that human beings themselves are good but that the influences of society cause the initial goodness to become corrupted. Humans should therefore try to go back and enjoy nature in order to rediscover or strengthen the importance of nature in their lives.

Examples, although not exactly modern or 21st century, would be songs by Enya such as Orinoco Flow or Caribbean Blue. I don’t know, I guess whenever I think of nature I’m always reminded of these two songs that I often heard during my elementary school years whether it be during nap time or just working in class. With emphasis more on the interesting rhythms and melodies rather than the lyrics, I think they do a good job in illustrating special aspects in nature.


I long to fly in a hot air balloon, drifting from country to country and gaining contrasting opinions on the cryptic start of the foundation of humanity. With warm burning blasts controlling my flight of path and with strong guidance from my compass, I would lift off into a world of ubiquitous conundrums.

Obtaining all paths of holding important conditions within my soul would allow for innovation in not only minimal amounts of humans but to all of mankind in that without solutions can all find which individual forms the main part of vitality. By limiting our mutuality with natural and apocryphal works of art (anything spanning from communication, portrayal, and civilization), skills for optimistic construction fail.

Living in a world of such broad groups of logic, I must fly quickly or I may miss my last opportunity in saving tranquility.