Since Thanksgiving is coming up pretty soon…

The top five things that I am thankful for:

1. God – having a chance to know the creator of the universe

Having the opportunity of being a Christian for me has been one of the most life saving aspects of my life. For me, an insecure, sensitive, and scared teenager who has too many questions and thoughts that need answers, Christ has allowed for me to have a sense of safety in society (you have to admit, there are some crazy people out there), a never-ending goal and purpose in life, someone who I believe will always be there for me, and a new perspective of the world.

2. My family – having two extremely amazing parents who are never afraid to give advice and love or spoil their only child:)

My parents have always been the greatest aspects of my life that I wish would never leave me. Yes, we do sometimes (but rarely) argue and have communication issues (hey, it’s hard to be bilingual), but these moments will never out number the heart-warming moments. Those days where I run around the house dancing and screaming with my mom (never thought I was that kind of person did you?:)), those days when sitting beside them at a park is more memorable than going to Disney World, those days my parents make me laugh so hard I can barely breath. I don’t know if it’s just me or because I’m an only child, but I often wonder what life will be when I have to leave them and set out on my own. I always can’t stop but think how fast time is running out… I’m not ready yet.

3. All those inspirational people in my life even if they know it or not

It’s really funny how much I have changed as I have grown up. You know how they always say how insecure and easily influenced teenagers are. Well, it’s actually pretty true (at least for me). These past few years have probably been filled with the most feelings of personal uncertainty and struggle I have ever felt in my life. Thankfully, there have been so many people, whether it be a family member, teacher, or celebrity that has impacted me during the most necessary points in my life. You guys mean so much to me!

I am also specifically thankful for about five anonymous people who have changed me more than I could ever imagine. Those five people who have touched my heart and provided me with a way in which I can question the ways of society and instead discover things truly unique and special about myself. Those five people that will never know they changed me but those who I will always cherish.

4. Everything I have been blessed with

Put simply, I’m thankful that I have never had the feeling of tormenting depravity in life. I’ve always had enough tangible items, necessary or extra (mostly extra), in my life to supply me what I need for survival. Food, water, and shelter are never guaranteed with life.

5. Happiness – pure happiness

Those fleeting moments (sadly that do not come very often) of pure, authentic happiness when my heart feels like it will burst open, I can’t stop smiling, and the world shines brightly!


Be Gone Racism!

“It was a close place. I took . . . up [the letter I’d written to Miss Watson], and held it in my hand. I was a-trembling, because I’d got to decide, forever, betwixt two things, and I knowed it. I studied a minute, sort of holding my breath, and then says to myself: “All right then, I’ll go to hell”—and tore it up. It was awful thoughts and awful words, but they was said. And I let them stay said; and never thought no more about reforming.”     – Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

Racism. Racism is an inevitable problem of society that I yearningly wish would be rejected, gone for good. Our own different race allows us to establish and gain a unique culture that defines who we are. However, sometimes our race, or the prejudiced, offensive ideas that are rooted as a result of our perceived “race,” can cause much self-degradation or even the loss of our most cherished dreams. Sadly, racism is really an inevitable part of society. We as human beings are structured to make connections with our environment. Everything we see, new or old, causes stimulants within ourselves that are based on anything (emotions, experiences, societal influences, etc.) that our brains have held from the past. Here is the birth of our first impression. We see something, or in this case someone, and our brains make an automatic first impression about that person. This first impression may be true or false, but undoubtedly it is a good number of the time false. By creating these biased assumptions, we are creating potent barriers that hinder our ability in truly getting to know somebody. And in a world where even sincere communication is decreasing, we are slowly losing the chances in even understanding and realizing that we are all racist…

Racism can be scaring and a cause of agony to almost everyone. Yes, you may think that there are “better” types of stereotypes but that is so wrong. All of us are hurt by racism, how people see us through their eyes, even how “good” the racist comment may be. Trust me. It really hurts when you must lose your closest friends, are teased, are stared at when you walk down the hallway, are given abnormally and unfairly high or low standards, or hated just because of everything “associated” with your race.

Although racism will always be a part of society, we can strive to become more open-minded. We must acknowledge our racist natures. Instead of heeding to these prejudiced beliefs, we must try to get to know others and understand how they see the world, not how we think they might see the world.

I naively hope for the day when racism will not be a problem. The day when I can walk into a job interview and my future boss looks beyond my skin color, my eyes, my hair, or my accent but judges me by my true self. Maybe he still won’t like me, but at least I got a fair chance.